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September 22, 2007

Okay, new start. Kind of…

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I really like starting blogs, but I’m updating way too seldom. So, to change this, I have a new concept for my blogs. My livejournal will be in norwegian mostly and will be the usual blogthing, about my adventures or the lack of it and other things of interests. My blog on Blogger will be the SYTYCD and blogstuff-centered blog and will be updated less often and this will be my english reviews, opinions and long ramblings-blog. So, basically when I’ve read a great book, this is the place where I rave about it 🙂

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing and expect a post that makes more sense soon!


August 21, 2007

I spy with my own little eye…

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I would be a great spy. For one I’m quite good at googling people and discovering untold facts. I’m also a good spy because I can not draw attention to myself just as easily as I can draw attention my way, shining in the spotlight. It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to do both. Well, knowing that, what more shall I inform my readers or just myself, seeing as there is very few people that know of this blog, it’s just me and my other blog and my mom and she nearly doesn’t count as she spends very small amounts of time on the www. I guess it’s just that much more appealing when you are twenty-two. Anyway, I’m a spy and I’m also an adventurer. That might seem like a contradiction, seeing as I’m both careful and lazy, but it’s the absolutelified truth. There is much adventure to be found just walking to school. It’s many different paths you can take to get there and to kind of quote Robert Frost (but, just kind of seeing as this differs at the most important line) “two roads diverged into one and I, I took the one most travelled by and that made all the difference”. (See, I told you it differed.) Anyway, I take the most usual road probably, but I know many others and aren’t afraid to stray from the path when in the right mood. And going back from school, to the Grand and Wonderful Subway, that is an entirely different manner. There in lies the adventure, the quest and all that jazz. I’m also an adventurer in spirit, I think every dreamer is, because even when I’m safe and sound at home my mind wanders and the books, the Internet and the Nintendo helps me escape reality and all its boredoom (yes, boredoom, the extra o fits so very well). The third thing I am is a translator, I newly discovered my ability to translate three pages from english to norwegian with few mistakes and in less than an hour. Lets all bow before my feet and bring me cash so I can be completely materiallistic for a while 🙂 I felt kind of as if I was a genius, something I know I’m not and it was a grand feeling, something to record for eternity.

Most important in my opinion is the fact that I’m a spy, at least I think so right now. I feel that is a nice thing to be, though I could be wrong and it may just tell people that I’m nosy. Oh well, who cares and what does it matter.

But I’ll finish this uninteresting note and I hope that whoever may read this will have a great time. Have a nice day!

August 10, 2007

To talk about Wicked

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 (I have only heard Wicked on cd and seen clips on youtube, but that doesn’t stop me from reviewing.) Anyway… 

Wicked is a musical and I love it. It’s about the “wicked witch of the west” Elphaba and her friend G(a)linda and their friendship foremostly, but the romance, courtesy of Fiyero, is important too. Most important is probably the theme of good and evil and how it’s mixed with a lot of grey. All the characters are so developed and that’s part of the beauty. I can relate to Elphaba and I think most people can, because everyone feels at some point in their life that they’re different and everyone is. Elphaba, because of her green-ness, myself, because of my naturalness. I’m totally myself all the way and I think that makes me unique, because most people adapt more to others expectations. I stay myself! Glinda is a nice character too and one can see her growth from a sophisticated and vain girl, to a wise and loving woman. They are so real to you, Elphie and Glinda. I enjoy that.

But I’ll continue on. One of the many reasons as to why I love Wicked is the music. From the powerful beginning and to the very last note, the score is beautiful and many of the songs are magnificent. And the thing about Wicked is that every single song is important to the plot and that is great. Even a song like “Something bad” and “March of the Witch Hunters” couldn’t be cut, because they are important for the story. My favorite song in Wicked is “I’m not that girl”, which Elphaba sings when she realizes that she’s in love with Fiyero and knows that she isn’t ‘that girl’ (though she will be later on in the play). This song is so beautiful and true for so many. Most have experienced that feeling, that knowledge that they’re not the one and that is a sad experience. That is just the thing to sing about. “Popular” is another great song and Kristin Chenoweth sings it very well. It actually took me some listenings to get used to her voice, but now I really like it. It can be both operatic and poppy and that is unique. Chenoweths voice is so charming and I also like it a lot in “For Good”, a great song about how a friendship can change you. That is so true, I wouldn’t be the same without my friends. Idina Menzel portrays Elphaba and sings beautifully in all her songs. Defying Gravity is especially wonderful and that is also kind of the crescendo-moment of the show. It’s important to defy gravity, take a chance and leap. It’s such a powerful melody and Idina hits those notes with such astounding power. The musical has other charming songs as the enjoyable “Dancing through life” which I like because I’m doing just that. I’m dancing through life, though I’m not literally dancing, but metaphorically! And the schools really teach the wrong lessons, because it’s so rooted in reality and knowledge and I personally think that creativity and emotion is much more important. Teach a person history and chemistry and he or she can be an intellectual jerk, but teach a person to love and it doesn’t matter if he or she isn’t intellectual, because love is more important really. “No good deed” is beautiful because it appeals to a deeprooted insecurity in some that makes one question him- or herself: ‘Am I actually a good person or am I a bad person and all my good deeds not so good after all?’ That is a philosophical question and since most things can be misinterpreted and misunderstood it speaks a truth, kind of. The other songs are great also.

I haven’t talked that much about the plot and that is because it’s not always that easy to have a synopsis to things and I don’t want to tell more about the plot than I’ve already mentioned. But what I can say is that Wicked makes you see the “Wizard of Oz” from a new perspective and that is cool. Wicked is based on a book by the way, Gregory Maguire’s “The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West”, a great book with a long title. The book is not an easy read, but it’s worth it and incredibly wellwritten. I prefer the musical personally, though. I just do.

But I’m finishing this thing now and if anyone reads it ever, feel free to comment 🙂

August 8, 2007

In the moment of a maybe (qualified babble)

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I like that sentence, maybe because it’s so true. I am in the moment of a maybe all the time, everything is moments and ‘the great perhaps’ is all around. ‘The great perhaps’ is from a book I read not so long ago and it’s weird because I didn’t love the book at once when I finished, I liked it, but nothing more. Now I often think of it, because it was one of those books with a mystery and where you just knew that what you read were meaningful. I think I like meaningfulness. That’s cool!

Anyway, I’m in the moment, all the time, and there’s always choices, hopes, dreams and just another maybe and it’s quite magical really. Every ‘maybe’ makes me confident that everything can work out in the end even when it doesn’t seem like it, which is great to know just in case. I probably sound a bit weird now, but I like to think that I can seem like a philosopher with Luna Lovegood as a teacher 🙂

But this wasn’t supposed to turn into a Harry Potter Essay, though I really should write that one day too. This is all about the moment. Which I live in and love and which is a fairy tale. In the moment of a maybe! 

Hello world!

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So, dearest world. It is my pleasure to share my oase of enlightement with you all and I hope you’ll all enjoy my stories and studies and everything. Have fun!

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