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March 12, 2008

Beginning of an end, ending of a beginning

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I’m thinking of tomorrow and So you think you can dance-Scandinavia and how I’ll watch and enjoy every single second of that show. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to playing my fathers Nintendo Wii and the wonderful game called Super Mario Galaxy. Yes, tomorrow will be a great brilliant day!

Otherwisely I think I’ll make a new blog for nintendo and musical-reviews. I originally planned to use this blog for that, but I think it will look to unorganized if it’s here. It’s better to have another blog for that. I don’t get how I manage to be so into blogging, but I just really like it.

I’m thinking of doing Script Frenzy next month. I shall create “Nintendo-The musical”. I’m also doing a translation-project just for fun, I’m planning to translate all the songs from the musical Wicked to Norwegian in hopes of it being set up in Norway. I feel that this shows that I’m crazy, totally crazy!

I have nothing else to tell about, talk to ya later 🙂


March 2, 2008

In the moment

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Sweeney Todd was great, thank you very much, me liked! I saw it last week and I truly enjoyed it, but then again I’m especially inclined to like musicals. Talking of which, I’m listening to the Wicked Soundtrack again lately, I really have to get that cd, till now it’s just been a borrowed pleasure, but when summer comes, I’ll order it on Amazon to own, oh what great fun it will be 🙂 Speaking of musicals, I’m considering making this a musical/nintendo-centered blog, something that means that I’ll use this blog to talk about Nintendo games I play and musicals I either see or listen to. It will then be a more review-style blog with less daily reflections and stuff like that, a little bit because I have a norwegian blog for that purpose and my life just aren’t that exiting and a little bit because I’m talking about things like that all the time anyway. Mostly though it’s because I would like to read a blog like that myself, simple as that. It would be great fun. But we’ll see what happens :O)

Otherwisely I have nothing new to tell at the moment, other than that I now have 34 stars on Super Mario Galaxy and I certainly find that to be very cool. Plus I’m going to what we in Norway call “Skolerevy” tuesday probably, I might talk about that next time I blog. Till then have a nice day dear reader, if there are readers of this blog at all. Who knows? :O)

February 22, 2008

Weekend time

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Dearest blog, unread ninth wonder, I wonder how you’ve spent your day. Mine has been very nice, thank you. I was at school, though I don’t really need to be anymore and then I’ve, you know, read some, played some Nintendo DS and watched Norwegian talents. That is a cool show, not wonderful, but seriously cool. I was certainly impressed by that cute seven year old singing her heart out, she was so charming and talented and she actually sounded like a child instead of a grown up trapped in a childs body. I’ve seen the last variant a few times on youtube, it’s great, but a bit scary. And the gymnast was good too, that just looked impossible. I like snakepeople-like thingies. Tomorrow I’m going to the movies, to have me some bloody pies with a dazzle of Burton and Depp adding to the experience. I’ll be watching Sweeney Todd (with halfcovered eyes because I don’t exactly love watching blood, though I can deal with it well enough) and it will surely be a memorable experience. I love musicals 🙂 Lately I’ve found going to the movies to be a bigger exitement than before. It’s the atmosphere, people clapping after a movie ends, smiles on their faces, exited yabbering. A world of its own! I also love this part, so tomorrow will bring on the fun. By the way, Sabriel is a wonderful book, haven’t read so much of it yet, but it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. And I like the word “certainly” today, that’s for sure. Well, that’s all, folks, I’ll be back soon, have a nice evening…

February 7, 2008

I’m free and stuff – part 2

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Funny how I can say the exact same thing almost two months later on, but it’s true, I guess. I am free… And I’m not sure if I want to be. I’ve been a little bit unlucky schoolwise unfortunately, some exams hasn’t worked out, reality can be quite harsh. And still, I’m an optimist through and through, to the admirance and annoyance of my best friend who is a more realistic sort of person. People don’t get my optimism some of the time, how I keep smiling whatever happens. I guess one can blame it on Annie, you know the musical. It turned me into a daydream-believer who always felt ready for tomorrow 🙂 Tomorrow is always right around the corner.

I have a love-affair with Nintendo at the time of writing, at least that’s one way to describe it. I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy, Ocarina of time and Picross DS and it has been and is a lot of fun. It might seem weird, but I keep mentioning Nintendo in conversations lately, I must admit that I have become quite addicted. But it’s so much fun!!! Flying through galaxies, exploring Hyrule and setting numbers in their place with a firm and settled hand. It is a kind of magic.

I’ve read six books this year, each one for the first time. It’s a wonderful accomplishment. Somehow I’ve also been writing. Not nearly enough of course, but still. I feel like my newly written poems is a stretch for me, seeing as they’re not rhyming and differs quite a bit from my earlier poetry. I think it’s because I know I can rhyme, but I’m still quite new at free verse and I want to learn that well too. Plus writing is so exiting because you’re studies are never over at that kind of art, you are never a finished writer. I think I have a love-affair with literature too.

Otherwisely I have nothing exiting to tell, no news that spring of the page or staggering gazes that runs along down my written path. I jsut now that I’m me and I have a challenge ahead of me, but I will get through it. And I’ll play nintendo, read and write along the way!

December 16, 2007

I am free and stuff

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Vacation has finally come. No more exams to annoy the hell out of me, no more boring lessons at school where I try to concentrate, but end up pretending to concentrate while scribbling my own characters all over my notebook and write down plots that may or may not be used sometime, just to make my great ambitions come true. (This ambition involves writing, fame and taking over the throne after Rowling and being a well-loved author and stuff). I’m free, or so I scream from imaginary rooftops that somehow has to be just imaginery since I won’t easily get to be at a roof-top in my blocky neighbourhood. So what does one do with such freedom, such persuasive power to do whatever one choose to do? I, for my sake, reads and goes on the net and daydream and I’m surely going to be bored halfway to death before the next week is through, but then everything will turn ‘oh so great’, seeing as christmas will be in da house then. And I do love christmas and most things about it.

 Otherwisely I’ve discovered that the local library is closed now and that is great stupidity since it would have been real fun to go there and borrow lots of books, now that I have the time to read it. I’ve also discovered that The Golden Compass-movie ends in a stupid way, they will have a problem in the next movie obviously. Well, well…

It’s weird how everything I write turns into stream-of-conscious lately. I can’t even blame it Virginia Woolf, seeing as I have yet to read her books. I guess it’s just my rambling nature shining through. We’ll have to see if it shines stronger than my lazy nature, a nature that quite likes to have total freedom at this very moment and is counting down the days towards next weekend and all its pleasures.

 Merry christmas each and every reader!

December 9, 2007

Time, christmas calendars and unasked for hide-and-seek

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Why are all my schoolpapers playing Hide and seek with me without my permission and why did I have to be unlucky enough to come last while playing Mario Party earlier this evening? That’s a few of the many great questions to ask oneself as one sits in wonderment as day becomes evening becomes night. How quickly the time tick tack toes away silently like a shivering wind in desember… There’s christmas on the way and I celebrate proudfully by opening christmas calendars with a smile shining bright on my face. I do love christmas calendars, each and every and now I have almost every kind that one can have, even those were you can win prizes. And mark that I’m saying ‘can’ because I haven’t won anything yet, annoyingly enough. I want to win, I really really want to. Well, maybe Mrs. Fortune will come to visit dressed as Santa on christmas eve. Who knows! I guess I’ll go back to searching now.

December 1, 2007

Post one of decembers many posts :)

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I’m planning to try to post more often in this blog, though a topic can seem hard to discover and ones laziness can get in the way. I didn’t manage Nanowrimo this year annoyingly enough, though I’ve tried and I will try again next year. 30 000 words aren’t that bad, though. By the way, exams are coming up and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I really want to manage this, I hope it will work out fine. And when I’m done with exams it’s vacation-time. That will be fun! But I’m off to other venues and will try to be back tomorrow!

November 17, 2007

Nanowrimo, laziness and me

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I do not want winter to come, I do not want my Wordcount on Nanowrimo to be so small (yet, I love the internet and it’s my own laziness that is to blame for my lack of words) and last, but not least, I do not want to go shopping. Or wait, I do want to shop, I just don’t want to walk the five minute walk to the mall, I want the mall to be in the living room here instead. Yes, I’m lazy and I’m really bad at changing my bad qualities to the better. The good thing is that I don’t change my good qualities to the worse either, so there you go. I think I’m confusing myself now, I have a unique talent for doing just that. I think it just proves that I’m just as weird as I want to be 🙂

So, Nanowrimo. I have exactly 19191 words at this moment, but are planning to try to reach 25000 before I go to bed tomorrow, then I will be at least halfway there. I do think that I’m great who have written 52 pages in ten days, seeing how I started the story I’m writing now on the seventh of november. (The story I started before that is putten on a shelf collecting dust metaphorically speaking.) Metaphorically is a wonderful word by the way!

And now I’m going to the Stovner Senter in a moment and then I’ll watch Annie get your gun on dvd and then I’ll write. Write, write, write.

Plus I’ll visit youtube later on too, there are much musical-like thingies to watch =O]

October 20, 2007

News and Dumbledore and all that jazz

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News in the form of a song

lyrics: Karoline H-L, melody: Popular from the musical Wicked

Whenever I learn something I didn’t know before

and let’s face it, that happens, something unknown before

I have to think about it and I see

That I should write a song about

the new and untold things I know

and then I now exactly what to say,

follow this way

And even this unknown

that is now known and true and seen and told,

I’ve read it and I’m certain to just say,

read anyway

To tell ’bout


Dumbledore, lets talk about Dumbledore

I won’t talk of death and life,

but his lack of wife

and now I have found out why

I’ll tell it around the town,

it will get around

Something new ’bout Dumbledore

Yes, it’s Dumbledore, lets talk about Dumbledore

I won’t talk of death and life,

but his lack of wife

and now I have found out why

It’s because Dumbledore is gay


I read it on the page called Mugglenet today,

knowing that it kind of fit the book dialysis

It kind of works in many ways, I realize it

Now I know the truth and I will stay a big fan

This is the news on Dumbledore

Lets talk about Dumbledore

and anything else that’s new

and that has come true

Things thats happened in my life, Yeah!,

I’m ready to tell you,

listen can you, will you

here now…

La la la la

It’s news and Dumbledore


Schoolwork, reading, celebrations,

listening to radiostations,

being just the same and wellknown me

because I


Kind of like the same routine now,

take my life the way it comes and

this is the world I live in

(it’s kind of cool!)


Lets talk of Dumbledore


Lets talk about Dumbledore

and anything else I’ve found

on a covered ground

to be right and clear and true


So lets start, we’ll talk of news the whole night through


Spoken: “Thanks for the news”

               “You’re welcome”

And there’s otherwise,

which I realize,

nothing quite new to tell

I really doesn’t care though,

I can tell you news still now



La la la la

Dumbledore is gay

and thats something new to tell the world 


Life has been quite unexiting lately, but that’s okay, I like it still

and now I’ve found out HP-news which I’m sharing with my blog

because I feel like it. SYTYCD 3 is still very cool by the way, to bad it’s over soon…

Have a nice day everybody!

August 21, 2007

I spy with my own little eye…

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I would be a great spy. For one I’m quite good at googling people and discovering untold facts. I’m also a good spy because I can not draw attention to myself just as easily as I can draw attention my way, shining in the spotlight. It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to do both. Well, knowing that, what more shall I inform my readers or just myself, seeing as there is very few people that know of this blog, it’s just me and my other blog and my mom and she nearly doesn’t count as she spends very small amounts of time on the www. I guess it’s just that much more appealing when you are twenty-two. Anyway, I’m a spy and I’m also an adventurer. That might seem like a contradiction, seeing as I’m both careful and lazy, but it’s the absolutelified truth. There is much adventure to be found just walking to school. It’s many different paths you can take to get there and to kind of quote Robert Frost (but, just kind of seeing as this differs at the most important line) “two roads diverged into one and I, I took the one most travelled by and that made all the difference”. (See, I told you it differed.) Anyway, I take the most usual road probably, but I know many others and aren’t afraid to stray from the path when in the right mood. And going back from school, to the Grand and Wonderful Subway, that is an entirely different manner. There in lies the adventure, the quest and all that jazz. I’m also an adventurer in spirit, I think every dreamer is, because even when I’m safe and sound at home my mind wanders and the books, the Internet and the Nintendo helps me escape reality and all its boredoom (yes, boredoom, the extra o fits so very well). The third thing I am is a translator, I newly discovered my ability to translate three pages from english to norwegian with few mistakes and in less than an hour. Lets all bow before my feet and bring me cash so I can be completely materiallistic for a while 🙂 I felt kind of as if I was a genius, something I know I’m not and it was a grand feeling, something to record for eternity.

Most important in my opinion is the fact that I’m a spy, at least I think so right now. I feel that is a nice thing to be, though I could be wrong and it may just tell people that I’m nosy. Oh well, who cares and what does it matter.

But I’ll finish this uninteresting note and I hope that whoever may read this will have a great time. Have a nice day!

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