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December 1, 2007

Post one of decembers many posts :)

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I’m planning to try to post more often in this blog, though a topic can seem hard to discover and ones laziness can get in the way. I didn’t manage Nanowrimo this year annoyingly enough, though I’ve tried and I will try again next year. 30 000 words aren’t that bad, though. By the way, exams are coming up and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I really want to manage this, I hope it will work out fine. And when I’m done with exams it’s vacation-time. That will be fun! But I’m off to other venues and will try to be back tomorrow!


November 17, 2007

Nanowrimo, laziness and me

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I do not want winter to come, I do not want my Wordcount on Nanowrimo to be so small (yet, I love the internet and it’s my own laziness that is to blame for my lack of words) and last, but not least, I do not want to go shopping. Or wait, I do want to shop, I just don’t want to walk the five minute walk to the mall, I want the mall to be in the living room hereĀ instead. Yes, I’m lazy and I’m really bad at changing my bad qualities to the better. The good thing is that I don’t change my good qualities to the worse either, so there you go. I think I’m confusing myself now, I have a unique talent for doing just that. I think it just proves that I’m just as weird as I want to be šŸ™‚

So, Nanowrimo. I have exactly 19191 words at this moment, but are planning to try to reach 25000 before I go to bed tomorrow, then I will be at least halfway there. I do think that I’m great who have written 52 pages in ten days, seeing how I started the story I’m writing now on the seventh of november. (The story I started before that is putten on a shelf collecting dust metaphorically speaking.) Metaphorically is a wonderful word by the way!

And now I’m going to the Stovner Senter in a moment and then I’ll watch Annie get your gun on dvd and then I’ll write. Write, write, write.

Plus I’ll visit youtube later on too, there are much musical-like thingies to watch =O]

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