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March 12, 2008

Beginning of an end, ending of a beginning

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I’m thinking of tomorrow and So you think you can dance-Scandinavia and how I’ll watch and enjoy every single second of that show. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to playing my fathers Nintendo Wii and the wonderful game called Super Mario Galaxy. Yes, tomorrow will be a great brilliant day!

Otherwisely I think I’ll make a new blog for nintendo and musical-reviews. I originally planned to use this blog for that, but I think it will look to unorganized if it’s here. It’s better to have another blog for that. I don’t get how I manage to be so into blogging, but I just really like it.

I’m thinking of doing Script Frenzy next month. I shall create “Nintendo-The musical”. I’m also doing a translation-project just for fun, I’m planning to translate all the songs from the musical Wicked to Norwegian in hopes of it being set up in Norway. I feel that this shows that I’m crazy, totally crazy!

I have nothing else to tell about, talk to ya later 🙂


March 2, 2008

In the moment

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Sweeney Todd was great, thank you very much, me liked! I saw it last week and I truly enjoyed it, but then again I’m especially inclined to like musicals. Talking of which, I’m listening to the Wicked Soundtrack again lately, I really have to get that cd, till now it’s just been a borrowed pleasure, but when summer comes, I’ll order it on Amazon to own, oh what great fun it will be 🙂 Speaking of musicals, I’m considering making this a musical/nintendo-centered blog, something that means that I’ll use this blog to talk about Nintendo games I play and musicals I either see or listen to. It will then be a more review-style blog with less daily reflections and stuff like that, a little bit because I have a norwegian blog for that purpose and my life just aren’t that exiting and a little bit because I’m talking about things like that all the time anyway. Mostly though it’s because I would like to read a blog like that myself, simple as that. It would be great fun. But we’ll see what happens :O)

Otherwisely I have nothing new to tell at the moment, other than that I now have 34 stars on Super Mario Galaxy and I certainly find that to be very cool. Plus I’m going to what we in Norway call “Skolerevy” tuesday probably, I might talk about that next time I blog. Till then have a nice day dear reader, if there are readers of this blog at all. Who knows? :O)

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