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February 22, 2008

Weekend time

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Dearest blog, unread ninth wonder, I wonder how you’ve spent your day. Mine has been very nice, thank you. I was at school, though I don’t really need to be anymore and then I’ve, you know, read some, played some Nintendo DS and watched Norwegian talents. That is a cool show, not wonderful, but seriously cool. I was certainly impressed by that cute seven year old singing her heart out, she was so charming and talented and she actually sounded like a child instead of a grown up trapped in a childs body. I’ve seen the last variant a few times on youtube, it’s great, but a bit scary. And the gymnast was good too, that just looked impossible. I like snakepeople-like thingies. Tomorrow I’m going to the movies, to have me some bloody pies with a dazzle of Burton and Depp adding to the experience. I’ll be watching Sweeney Todd (with halfcovered eyes because I don’t exactly love watching blood, though I can deal with it well enough) and it will surely be a memorable experience. I love musicals 🙂 Lately I’ve found going to the movies to be a bigger exitement than before. It’s the atmosphere, people clapping after a movie ends, smiles on their faces, exited yabbering. A world of its own! I also love this part, so tomorrow will bring on the fun. By the way, Sabriel is a wonderful book, haven’t read so much of it yet, but it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. And I like the word “certainly” today, that’s for sure. Well, that’s all, folks, I’ll be back soon, have a nice evening…


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