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February 22, 2008

Weekend time

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Dearest blog, unread ninth wonder, I wonder how you’ve spent your day. Mine has been very nice, thank you. I was at school, though I don’t really need to be anymore and then I’ve, you know, read some, played some Nintendo DS and watched Norwegian talents. That is a cool show, not wonderful, but seriously cool. I was certainly impressed by that cute seven year old singing her heart out, she was so charming and talented and she actually sounded like a child instead of a grown up trapped in a childs body. I’ve seen the last variant a few times on youtube, it’s great, but a bit scary. And the gymnast was good too, that just looked impossible. I like snakepeople-like thingies. Tomorrow I’m going to the movies, to have me some bloody pies with a dazzle of Burton and Depp adding to the experience. I’ll be watching Sweeney Todd (with halfcovered eyes because I don’t exactly love watching blood, though I can deal with it well enough) and it will surely be a memorable experience. I love musicals 🙂 Lately I’ve found going to the movies to be a bigger exitement than before. It’s the atmosphere, people clapping after a movie ends, smiles on their faces, exited yabbering. A world of its own! I also love this part, so tomorrow will bring on the fun. By the way, Sabriel is a wonderful book, haven’t read so much of it yet, but it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. And I like the word “certainly” today, that’s for sure. Well, that’s all, folks, I’ll be back soon, have a nice evening…


February 7, 2008

I’m free and stuff – part 2

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Funny how I can say the exact same thing almost two months later on, but it’s true, I guess. I am free… And I’m not sure if I want to be. I’ve been a little bit unlucky schoolwise unfortunately, some exams hasn’t worked out, reality can be quite harsh. And still, I’m an optimist through and through, to the admirance and annoyance of my best friend who is a more realistic sort of person. People don’t get my optimism some of the time, how I keep smiling whatever happens. I guess one can blame it on Annie, you know the musical. It turned me into a daydream-believer who always felt ready for tomorrow 🙂 Tomorrow is always right around the corner.

I have a love-affair with Nintendo at the time of writing, at least that’s one way to describe it. I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy, Ocarina of time and Picross DS and it has been and is a lot of fun. It might seem weird, but I keep mentioning Nintendo in conversations lately, I must admit that I have become quite addicted. But it’s so much fun!!! Flying through galaxies, exploring Hyrule and setting numbers in their place with a firm and settled hand. It is a kind of magic.

I’ve read six books this year, each one for the first time. It’s a wonderful accomplishment. Somehow I’ve also been writing. Not nearly enough of course, but still. I feel like my newly written poems is a stretch for me, seeing as they’re not rhyming and differs quite a bit from my earlier poetry. I think it’s because I know I can rhyme, but I’m still quite new at free verse and I want to learn that well too. Plus writing is so exiting because you’re studies are never over at that kind of art, you are never a finished writer. I think I have a love-affair with literature too.

Otherwisely I have nothing exiting to tell, no news that spring of the page or staggering gazes that runs along down my written path. I jsut now that I’m me and I have a challenge ahead of me, but I will get through it. And I’ll play nintendo, read and write along the way!

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