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December 16, 2007

I am free and stuff

Filed under: rambling — tankemonolog @ 10:47 pm

Vacation has finally come. No more exams to annoy the hell out of me, no more boring lessons at school where I try to concentrate, but end up pretending to concentrate while scribbling my own characters all over my notebook and write down plots that may or may not be used sometime, just to make my great ambitions come true. (This ambition involves writing, fame and taking over the throne after Rowling and being a well-loved author and stuff). I’m free, or so I scream from imaginary rooftops that somehow has to be just imaginery since I won’t easily get to be at a roof-top in my blocky neighbourhood. So what does one do with such freedom, such persuasive power to do whatever one choose to do? I, for my sake, reads and goes on the net and daydream and I’m surely going to be bored halfway to death before the next week is through, but then everything will turn ‘oh so great’, seeing as christmas will be in da house then. And I do love christmas and most things about it.

 Otherwisely I’ve discovered that the local library is closed now and that is great stupidity since it would have been real fun to go there and borrow lots of books, now that I have the time to read it. I’ve also discovered that The Golden Compass-movie ends in a stupid way, they will have a problem in the next movie obviously. Well, well…

It’s weird how everything I write turns into stream-of-conscious lately. I can’t even blame it Virginia Woolf, seeing as I have yet to read her books. I guess it’s just my rambling nature shining through. We’ll have to see if it shines stronger than my lazy nature, a nature that quite likes to have total freedom at this very moment and is counting down the days towards next weekend and all its pleasures.

 Merry christmas each and every reader!


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