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September 23, 2007

Hairspray, such a movie, such a wonder!

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Hairspray I’ll recall (a review in the form of a song)

Lyrics: Karoline & Music: Hairsprays ‘Good morning Baltimore’ http://youtube.com/watch?v=HPLV-7cg9C4 , you can hear the song by following that link and then you’ll know the melody. My review is in the form of a song with that melody.

I saw a movie friday,

it was a kind of musical

I saw, I listened and smiled,

it was beautiful,

just something so wild

The story was great,

with some love and some faith

and a lead character that one

had to love

I saw a movie friday, yes

and Hairspray was what it was called

Oh Hairspray, it’s unreal,

could create in both style and feel

something classic and beautiful,

with a hairdoo that speaks for all

Oh Hairspray, it’s a game,

with the good guys and folks to blame,

happy ending and all

Hairspray I’ll recall

I saw a movie friday.

with songs like ‘I can hear the bells’

I saw, I listened and knew

something beautiful,

just something so new

The guy was called Link

and that was kind of cool,

like that guy in Zelda

who sort of rule

I saw a movie friday

with hairspray and great moral too

Oh Hairspray, it’s got tunes,

that could make one get in the groove,

‘You can’t stop the beat’ after all,

it’s the right kind of musical

Oh Hairspray, it’s the truth

and the actors and actresses play

perfectly and I know

Hairspray I’ll recall

It’s predictable, true

and it’s out of the blue,

but I don’t really feel like complaining much

I saw a movie friday, yes

and Hairspray was what it was called

Oh Hairspray, my review

is not of ordinary substance

watching gave me the urge to dance

and a new hope for true romance

Oh Hairspray, now I know,

I will get you on video,

on dvd in some months

Hairspray I’ll recall

Hairspray I’ll recall

Hairspray I’ll recaaaaaaall…


So this is a review of Hairspray which I watched friday evening and truly enjoyed. Some movies just stick with you, even if they aren’t extremely original, some movies just have something special. I also think Nikki Blonsky who was the lead did a really great job. Tracy Turnblad became real to the viewers and that’s what it’s all about, making you believe and enjoy the adventure before your eyes. So you should watch it I guess.


September 22, 2007

Okay, new start. Kind of…

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I really like starting blogs, but I’m updating way too seldom. So, to change this, I have a new concept for my blogs. My livejournal will be in norwegian mostly and will be the usual blogthing, about my adventures or the lack of it and other things of interests. My blog on Blogger will be the SYTYCD and blogstuff-centered blog and will be updated less often and this will be my english reviews, opinions and long ramblings-blog. So, basically when I’ve read a great book, this is the place where I rave about it 🙂

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing and expect a post that makes more sense soon!

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