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August 21, 2007

I spy with my own little eye…

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I would be a great spy. For one I’m quite good at googling people and discovering untold facts. I’m also a good spy because I can not draw attention to myself just as easily as I can draw attention my way, shining in the spotlight. It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to do both. Well, knowing that, what more shall I inform my readers or just myself, seeing as there is very few people that know of this blog, it’s just me and my other blog and my mom and she nearly doesn’t count as she spends very small amounts of time on the www. I guess it’s just that much more appealing when you are twenty-two. Anyway, I’m a spy and I’m also an adventurer. That might seem like a contradiction, seeing as I’m both careful and lazy, but it’s the absolutelified truth. There is much adventure to be found just walking to school. It’s many different paths you can take to get there and to kind of quote Robert Frost (but, just kind of seeing as this differs at the most important line) “two roads diverged into one and I, I took the one most travelled by and that made all the difference”. (See, I told you it differed.) Anyway, I take the most usual road probably, but I know many others and aren’t afraid to stray from the path when in the right mood. And going back from school, to the Grand and Wonderful Subway, that is an entirely different manner. There in lies the adventure, the quest and all that jazz. I’m also an adventurer in spirit, I think every dreamer is, because even when I’m safe and sound at home my mind wanders and the books, the Internet and the Nintendo helps me escape reality and all its boredoom (yes, boredoom, the extra o fits so very well). The third thing I am is a translator, I newly discovered my ability to translate three pages from english to norwegian with few mistakes and in less than an hour. Lets all bow before my feet and bring me cash so I can be completely materiallistic for a while 🙂 I felt kind of as if I was a genius, something I know I’m not and it was a grand feeling, something to record for eternity.

Most important in my opinion is the fact that I’m a spy, at least I think so right now. I feel that is a nice thing to be, though I could be wrong and it may just tell people that I’m nosy. Oh well, who cares and what does it matter.

But I’ll finish this uninteresting note and I hope that whoever may read this will have a great time. Have a nice day!


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